Graduation Sashes

Custom Sashes for Class of 2024 Grads and More!!

YourSash specializes in custom graduation sashes for honor societies, campus clubs, Greek fraternities and sororities, and cultural organizations.

We have no minimum - you can order one or one hundred sashes. Each graduation stole is made-to-order and is carefully inspected prior to shipment.
We use exquisite bridal satin to create custom sashes that will be worn, photographed and treasured for years to come.
We stock more than a dozen colored fabrics , which can be mixed and matched with other colors for embroidery and trim work, for a truly distinctive look on your special day.

For a limited time, order at least 6 graduation sashes and receive 10% off!*.

How to dress on commencement day

Most college graduates dress in black robes for graduation ceremonies. Some people do don more colorful options, such as PhD candidates, faculty, administration and keynote speakers. High school students often dress in school colors. Other accessories for graduation day include the traditional cap and tassel, and perhaps cords and sashes. A graduation stole is worn on top of the robe during commencement, and can help a student stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Why do I need a graduation sash?

Commencement is an exciting milestone that encapsulates years of hard work. A graduation stole commemorates your amazing accomplishments and lifelong affiliations. Many members of Greek organizations, cultural groups and honor societies choose to display their loyalty and triumphs through custom-made graduation sashes. Every stole is designed to serve as a lasting keepsake.

Can I wear more than one graduation stole?

Yes! Students with multiple custom sashes are a common and welcome sight at commencement ceremonies. Many graduates like to show off their academic achievements and campus and cultural affiliations to friends and family by wearing these stoles. Click here to design your own custom sash.