Customize your graduation stole

With Your Greek Letters, Chapter Name & Greek Crest!

A How-to Guide to creating your Stole for Graduation

We offer many varying styles and combinations for your custom graduation stoles. Most importantly, you get to:

  1. Choose the color graduation stole you want.

  2. Choose the custom trim color.

  3. Put your Greek letters, School Name, or Company Name.

  4. Use your Greek Crest, company logo, or other stock logos.

  5. Choose the thread color you want!

  6. Add any additional personalizations (i.e. Chapter name, family line, lil/big bro/sis).

Are you ready to make your graduation stole?


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Who Wears Graduation Stoles?
Graduation Stoles are traditionally worn by students during commencement. Most Greek organizations wear unifying stoles that match their organization or school's colors. Graduation stoles are also commonly worn to represent a graduate's ethnicity, family traditions, or group membership.
What's So Special About Your Graduation Stoles?
We don't like to brag, but since you did ask... All of our graduation stoles are made from top-quality bridal satin and professionally embroidered. No cheap iron-ons, patches or ribbon that will wrinkle before you even receive it! We make all our stoles to look and feel great in person (and in photos). Our graduation stoles are made to be cherished.
When Should I Order My Graduation Stole?
Our true answer is: As soon as you can. The majority of college seniors and Greeks order theirs between late January and early March. Some wait until the weekend before their graduation ceremony... and unfortunately that's too late. We recommend you order your graduation stole early so that you can receive it in time for senior photos, end of the year banquets, and most importantly graduation.
Is There A Difference Between A Graduation Stole & A Graduation Sash?
Nope! Some people just use both words. It's like tomato and tomatoe.