Our Customers are the most important people to us.

We believe that because graduation only happens once, how we individually handle each order plays such a big role in your graduation day. What you have to say and your experience are important to us. We are currently compiling our customer testimonials. If you're a past customer and would like to add on, please let us know!
Hello All! I'm crying with the Joy! You just placed in my heart. I'm so very, very, very, unspoken words happy for your wonderful service. I will brag about you and share your business to anyone who will listen for the remainder of my life. "THANK YOU". If I were near you I would give you a big bear hug, and a kiss. So here's to you. OOOOs &XXXXs! My Mother and Brother both within two (2) months of each other passed away while I was attending school and I struggled to finish. My concentration was none, but with prayer and determination I finished. Now thanks to you I can march with pride of my achievement. God bless all of you.
I received my sash yesterday in the mail - - Thank you - - it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and Iím sure our Grand Marshal will wear it proudly !!! Thank you for all your help with this ñ it was much appreciated.
Barbara B.
Rahway, NJ
Omg its soo pretty !! Thank you so much its exactly what I wanted. Excellent job !!!
Brittany E
Thank you so much they are beautiful.
Yvonne D
Received the sashes, they are beautiful.
Tom W
Thank you so much for being so helpful. I just received the stoles and they look amazing. You are grea
Taryn W
I just wanted to let you know I just picked up my sash and it looks great! Thank you for all your help getting it to me in time for my Big Brothers graduation.
Sam W
The sashes were fabulous, we will be ordering again next year.
thank you so much! i loved them!
Mercedes S.
Apr 27, 2010
I just received it in the mail. Thank you so much. It is very nice.
Julia A
I'll put in an order for next school year, your sashes are the bomb!
Ann F
Perfect! Fast delivery, great quality, I couldn't have asked for more!
UCM Sigma Sigma Sigma Kansas City, MO
Thank you! Thank you! I will be placing another order soon. I was VERY impressed last year.
Charles E
Hi! Just received my order of 6 sashes for Lowell High School today- they look gorgeous and just how we wanted them. Thank you!!
Tammy M
Awesome! Thank you for all your help and great customer service, I know it was a lot of back-and-forth.
Lauren L
ust wanted to let you know that I received the sashes earlier this week in the mail. They look great, and everyone was extremely excited to get theirs!
Revecca L
Lowell SBC Co-PR
I was very satisfied with their work as well as their fast shipping! Also they were very good at responding back quickly via email!
Apr 15, 2010
Thanks for your help & thanks for the stunning sash!!!! Will be using this in the future and referring to other friends! I was a referral from a different friend!!
San Diego, CA
The sash came to my home address yesterday and I brought it in today for Dhieu to open it. I was nervous but shouldn't have been - it is perfect! High quality, great colors and the South Sudan flag is very nice looking - not "chincy" at all. He grinned from ear to ear and put it on irght away with his hoodie! I got choked up. I took pictures for both of us. I'm sure it will mark a special day in a special way for my friend
They just arrived! They look great. Again thank you so much for all of help and hard work we look forward to next yearís big order. We are shooting for the entire class next time.
LaDonna G
Professional, Kind, Meets Customer's Needs quickly!
Stephanie W.
Apr 6, 2009
That is wonderful. Thank you again for all of your assistance and great customer service.
Lori M
Really great! The customer service was excellent and I really appreciated YourSash.com's commitment to my organization getting exactly what they wanted. I would definitely purchase from them again!
Sarah Eagle
Great service. Great quality. Will definately buy from again!
Michael Wang
The order was made, processed and shipped extremely fast! The sash is beautifully made! Best quality! We are very excited to wear them for graduation! Also loved the bonus bag that came with the sashes as well as the notes that said Congratulations on Graduation-one for each sash! Great transaction!
Crystal K.
thank you, it was great, excellent communication and fast delivery
Jun 3, 2009
These 12 stoles I ordered have arrived and I must say they look great!
Just a note to let you know that I received our order and they were beautiful! Thanks so much for your help!
You folks do a beautiful job!
Joyce R
I got the sashes and they look great. Thank you so much. I will be graduating this year so I will not be in touch with you next year, but I will definitely pass your name along to our new president. Thanks again for all your help these past two years. I really appreciate it.
Lorrin C
Cal Poly Pomona
I just wanted to say "Thank you," for the stole. It was simply beautiful and I received it a day before it was actually due. The colors are vibrant and I got so many compliments on my "Social Work Chick." I really wanted to say a big "THANK YOU!!!!!" to you and your staff for the professional appearance and the time it took to produce. I am definitely going to recommend you to my friends.
Ashley M
I want to let you know that we received the sashes and they look great. I appreciate your swiftness on this order. We will be in touch this same time next year. Have a great summer!
Gildardo A
Casa Latina
I just wanted to say thank you again for your kind services. The new sash looks great along with Jessica's. Also the arrival time couldn't have been any better. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.
Veronica C
Amazing, I am for sure coming back to buy sashes in the future for our org!
Richard G
Jun 18, 2010
It was our first time ordering sashes and we didn't really know what to expect. The YourSash rep helped us plan out our order and customized each sash as needed. The quality and beauty of each sash far exceeded our expectations, we're definitely sticking with YourSash as our official pageant sash vendor from now on!
Victor Nguyen-Lieu
Director, Miss Vietnam of Southern California
We just received our sashes they are beautiful!!!
Melonie W
Thank you so much! I am impressed with you companies quick response and professionalism!
You and your company are truly outstanding!! I got the box at school this morning (Friday) and the sashes are perfect!! A big thanks again to you and your professional staff!! You all are now our "graduation station"!!
Sgt Andrew H
Great business! I ordered my sash very late...most online vendors would not have done it so quickly but YourSash.com did it in time with no hassle (and it looks good). I would definitely recommend!
Jason W. Borges
I love your company and feel you do beautiful work...I'm so proud of the original Sash I ordered and will wear them all with Pride on graduation...
Pipina F-S
I just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday in the mail. My sash looks great! Thank you so much for all your help.
Caitlin M
Beautiful product, a bit expensive but beautiful and I will be proud to wear it.
Chris L.
Jun 17, 2009
I received my order 2 days before I had expected it. Great customer service.
Eric Tsan
Cal Poly Pomona
I just received my stoles and they are beautiful
Susan C
Here I am wearing my sash during graduation. Everyone was talking about how great it looked. Thanks for the great service and the quality work.
Kevin T.
I received the sashes today - they look great! Thank you and the team for your hard work on getting this done in a crunch.
Abel C
Thank you so much for all of your help you were very instrumental in making this happen. You're a rock star in my book!
Lori M
Speedy order and ship, my sash arrived earlier than expected.
May 3, 2010
We have had such good experiences with YourSash.com in the past and have really enjoyed working with your you and your colleagues. Thank you for supporting our program, we are excited to work with you for many years to come.
Stephanie G.
SCU EMS (Washington)
I got my sash....and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
Dana C.
Thanks again for all the great customer service and for making these sashes such a beautiful addition for our very first nursing graduating class.
Sharon S
Thanks you for your great customer service. I will recommend this site to others!
Matthew L