Study Tips for The College Senior

So you’re 4 (or for some 5 years in), and finally on that last stretch of college known as senior year.

We remember this feeling. It’s about this time of year when senioritis kicks in and the emotions run high that in a few months time you and many of your friends will be heading in different directions with your lives. Whether that comes right after graduation, after the summer, or a quarter later, the change comes quick. But there’s one caviet… you need to pass your classes!

Today’s tip comes from and we wanted to feature it because looking back, senior year was probably one of the most busy years in college. If we can help you save some time on studying so that you can enjoy it more with your friends, we’ll try!

The lifehacker article goes into the benefits of sleep. While for many seniors, it feels like midterms, papers and finals stole their sleep hours, there’s ways to make sleep help you when studying. Strategicaly used, sleep can help boost memory.

So what’s the article say? “A good night’s sleep shortly following your studies has a significant impact on your ability to retain information.”

Check out the full post today at

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