College Tips: Stocking Your Kitchen

There’s something about always having a fully stocked kitchen in college that makes your life easier. I remember during undergrad, every trip home I would always try to stock up on food from my parents. From the staples like beans, rice, ramen and bread, to frozen meats, veggies, and more. Stocking up helped me eat healthier and avoid the late night splurges to spend money at the local 24 hour eatery.

From saving money on spur of the moment spending to cooking up some late night munchies for friends, stocking up is a good idea both health wise and financially. Now if you’re short on space, you’ll want to check out this post on on how to pimp your kitchen cabinet. A few super easy tips that if you’re living with roommates can help keep everything super organized until you move out or graduation.

For a more fun post, check out this video on how to stock your refridgerator.

Note: Content may offend some people, NSFW video depending on where you work 😉
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