Budgeting for Graduation

Budgeting for the graduating senior can be a tricky thing. With senior year comes a bunch of extra expenses. From end of the year banquets, to graduation parties, graduation stoles, moving expenses and more… it all adds up.

Another cost of senior year that often isn’t always factored in is food and entertainment. If you’re one who goes out with friends often, it’s very possible that you end up spending more than you want to when at bars.

Today’s post highlights a better post from wisebread.com on budgeting tips.

“Every good budget should have a section for entertainment and fun purchases (or else, what are you earning all of that money for?) but building a little splurge fund that rolls over from month to month gives you a way to treat yourself occasionally without wrecking the rest of your financial health.”

Read the full post here. (Wisebread)

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5474168441/

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