College Graduates and Interviewing for Jobs

Senior year is a stressful one. Besides the stress of planning for graduation, ordering your cap, gown, and graduation sashes, there also comes the stress of job searching. Will you land that dream job you’ve been wanting? Will you work at a big company, a start-up, go out on your own… or will you be jobless?

Time and time again, some of the best tips we’ve heard from career centers is to plan early, plan early, and plan early. Waiting until April or May puts you at a disadvantage compared to you peers.

Today’s post highlights some tips featured on Fortune (part of CNN).

Most importantly, once you’ve secured that job interview, now it’s time to wow the hiring manager. One of the recommended questions was:
“With all the growth here, how do you feel the company has changed since you came on board?”

For the full post and amazing tips, visit Fortune to read more.

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