Tips To Get Back To Exercising

Finding time to exercise can be tough. Let’s admit it, often times trips to the gym get pushed to the bottom of the priority list when homework, fraternity events or sorority events come up.

So how do you find time to exercise?

I remember in our fraternity, we had biggest loser challenges to see who would get the most fit and healthy in a month’s time. Often this motivated everyone in the house and instead of all lounging around playing video games, people went to the gym, played competitive sports together, and most importantly bonded more (and got healthier).

One of the tips featured on a recent article on recommends to
“Find a work out partner – a friend can remind (or guilt) you into getting fit. Also, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to push yourself past your comfort (boredom) zone.”

We couldn’t agree with this more.

Another great way to get fit and bond with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters is to pick up a competitive sport such as racketball, basketball or volleyball. Personally I found racketball one of the most fun to go at.

Check out the full post here for more tips and a few apps to help you get moving:

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