Stress Can Be A Bitch

Let’s admit it, stress can be a bitch. Whether you’re graduating high school or graduating college, or finishing up grad school this year, with change comes a lot of transition and planning for the next step in your journey.

In these times, it’s even often harder to find those moments where you can be at one with yourself when it feels like there are 1,000 things on your to do list to tackle before graduation.

Today’s post features an article on the blog. The best tip we came across was:

“When stress emerges it is often from time-pressure and being overworked. We all forget, or want to ignore the fact that we can’t do it all! We want to take on more without giving something up. Doing so will ultimately come back to burry us.
If we’re constantly on the go we need to eventually take a break for some R&R.”

We couldn’t have said this better. In the final year of your graduation, be sure not to bite off more than you can chew and over commit yourself. Go for quality and not quantity in the things and activities you pursue.

For more fantastic tips, you can check out the full post here. See you at graduation!

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