How Do You Take A Study Break?

This is an exciting day, not because it’s April 2nd but because we’ve just found a new web site!  One of the more interesting posts we came across on the web site was “A Busy Person’s Guide to Keeping Sane!”  I personally like this article because it’s a blend of what you’d find on and ZenHabits (two amazing sites).

In the post, it talks about how to keep your head together in just one week through these 10 minute drills.  Great ways to organize your thoughts in a quick 10 minute rest.  Two of our more favorite tips were:
3rd Minute: Have on hand a menu of inspirational quotes or passages that you can choose from every day.
6th Minute: Surrender any grudges and bitterness.

Give it a try when you’re stressed out.  Instead of the typical 15 minute breaks of Facebook, TV, smoking, or hanging out with friends, what do you have to lose by trying this?  See you at graduation!

Looking for more inspiration?  Professor Pausch’s video is below 🙂

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