Social Life Changed Post-Grad

The truth is that college is an extremely unique period during your life. Rarely will you have the opportunity to drink with friends just for the sake of friendship. These four years of college will have been the easiest environment for you to maintain friendships. In these four years, you have been meeting tons of new and like-minded people within the campus bubble. You will have met spent so much time with these friends you will have gotten to know them as well as family, and it would be difficult to imagine living your life without them. These friendships you expect to maintain for a lifetime may prove to be difficult after graduation. Friends will eventually take jobs in other cities; they may focus on their careers and put their social lives on pause. The point is that your life will change in these seven ways after college:

1.More Pets, Fewer Humans

An active social life is crucial for your well-being, but it’s also nice to take step back from social life and to just relax in the comfort of your own thoughts and company—especially your pet cat.

2.All the Effort, but Not the Time

Making friends and keeping them will be even harder with a full-time job and other adult responsibilities.

3.Quality, Not Quantity

College may have seemed like a time of meeting a ton of people in a short period of time. However, after that short period of time is a completely different story. People’s real qualities show after college, so keep your friends close and your true friends closer.

4.Learn to Adapt Differently

Maintain a healthy work-life balance, meet new friends and don’t be afraid to take risks. Holding onto your past will only cause you to miss great, new opportunities to meet new people, travel to new places, and everything after-graduation has to give you. Change is good.

5.Leave Social Media Behind

Real world responsibilities mean less time for social media. Know where and what your friends are up to. Make a phone call and some time to see your friends face to face. You’d be surprised how much more substantial this is than social media.

6.New Times Means New Goals

The urge to go out and drink your face off every weekend loses its appeal as you age, and your interests change. Your social life will always be accessible, however, your goals and dreams can fade away if you don’t reach for them.

7.Family Members are Friends

As you make the change from college to adult life, you may realize how interesting and cool your parents can be. Your parents were once in the same hoes as you and they can be very helpful in giving you advice and help through this time of transition.

How do you see your social life changing after graduation? Please share below!