A College Student’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special holiday we all hold dear to our hearts. It’s a day for us to thank our Mother (and father) for being an amazing support system. Whether it was helping to put us through college for all those years or making those delicious home-cooked meals every time we visit home for the holidays, Mom has always been the one to look to. For one day out of the year we can show our mothers how much we love them… on a college student’s budget of course. Here are some cool and fun ideas for Mother’s Day:


The Gift of Time

The number one gift a mother would appreciate is spending time with their loved ones, and if you’re on a college student’s budget, time is a feasible gift.

  • Share with here with what you’ve been up to. Choose some pictures that will make her proud. You can even make a scrapbook for her of all of the things you’ve done and visited in the past year.
  • Give her a tour of your campus. If your mom isn’t visiting you for this Mother’s Day, considering giving her a virtual tour of your campus. Show her the places you like to hang out at (feel free to emphasize how much you love being at your school’s library).
  • Sometimes distance is a problem for a college student’s budget on Mother’s Day. Surprise Mom with an online Skype session with the whole family. This is a great and easy way to get everyone chatting and hanging out together.

Classic Gifts

  • Hook up Mom with some fresh college apparel gear from your campus bookstore so she can wear it proudly.
  • Wake up early and surprise her with breakfast in bed or her favorite brunch spot.
  • Craft something for Mom. Mothers love handmade, sentimental gifts (especially with pictures of their loved ones).

Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Think of what your mom likes and her hobbies. Fill a basket full of things related and she’ll absolutely love it! Does she like to cook? Consider online cookbooks, a cool apron, or even some baked goods you’ve made for her.


Whatever you end up doing on Mother’s Day, just remember that mom’s just want to know that their loved ones are doing well and happy. What are you doing for this year’s Mother’s Day? Please share and comment below!