How to Cope With the Upcoming Time Change


As a student, you probably feel like you never get enough sleep, between classes and studying. Guess what? This weekend, you’ll get even less. This Sunday, November 3 at 2 a.m. is daylights savings time. It’s the day we turn back the clocks one hour. So unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii (those states don’t take part in daylight savings time) you can expect to lose an extra hour of sleep this weekend. That means less time to study for upcoming tests, or to sleep off your Saturday night fun.

But, just because it will be getting darker earlier, doesn’t mean you have to go into hibernation. Here are a few tips for coping with the upcoming time change.

  1. Use the Early Morning Light – It may be getting dark earlier in the evening, but it’s also lighter in the mornings. Early mornings are a great time to study, do chores or work out. Try to shift some of your daily to-dos from the evening hours to the morning hours.
  2. Workout – Speaking of exercise, working out is a great thing to do throughout the dreary late fall and early winter months. Not only will it help you build up your endorphins, which have been shown to prevent depression and overeating, it will also help stimulate your brain for school.
  3. Rest – If you really start feeling the loss of that extra hour, try to take brief power naps less than 20 minutes long, between classes. If you don’t have time for a nap, take breaks in between sitting through classes and studying. A brisk walk around campus will help you stay invigorated.
  4. Be Prepared – Be aware that it will be getting darker earlier and it’s important to prepare whenever you are traveling to and from late classes. It’s always a good idea to carry a flashlight with you if your campus isn’t well lit. For women, it’s also a good idea to carry a can of pepper spray in your backpack. Always be aware of your surroundings when commuting by bike or on foot in the evening hours.
  5. Enjoy – Every once in a while, it’s nice to cozy up at home on a dark evening. Be sure to take a break from school activities occasionally to enjoy an early night with a blanket, good movie and a bowl of popcorn.

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