Dorm Cooking 101


For college students trying to stay on a budget, one thing that can quickly eat away extra cash is eating out. If you’ve found that you are going over budget on your food expenses, an easy way to curb costs is to bring your eating back home.

You may not have a kitchen in your dorm room, but that doesn’t have to stop you from being able to make cheap, healthy meals for yourself. All you need is a few basic tools.

Cooking Appliances


– Small George Foreman Grill or Panini Press (check the rules of your dorm to see if it’s allowed)

– Mini Fridge

– Electric Tea Kettle

Cooking Staples

– Salt/Pepper

– Can opener

– Small mixing bowl

– Microwave safe dish

– Cutlery set

– Mug

With the items listed above and a quick trip to your local grocery store, you have all the makings for three-meals a day, right in your dorm room and at very little cost. Here are a few god options to get you going:


Eggs – Did you know that you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave? You can and it’s really simple. All you have to do is coat the inside of a coffee mug with cooking spray or butter, crack two eggs in, add a little milk and scramble with a fork. Microwave for 45 minutes, stir and put in for another 30 seconds. You can even take your eggs to go on the run!

Oatmeal – Buy quick cooking oatmeal and then follow the directions using boiled water from your electric tea kettle. Add fresh fruit and berries for an extra pick-me-up.


Sandwich and Soup – With an electric panini press or grill, sandwiches can become a gourmet treat.  Experiment with different types of cheeses, from mozzarella, to havarti, to gouda and add your favorite meats and veggies, all which can be kept in your mini fridge. Pair with a cup of soup heated up in your microwave and you’ve got a healthy and easy mid-day meal.


Quesadillas – For a simple dinner, shred a bit of cheese, place it in a tortilla with some sliced olives and either put on your grill, or in the microwave. Top with sour cream and a bit of salsa and you have a meal.

Salad – If you’re feeling the need to be more healthy, pick up some greens and other veggies at your local grocery store or farmers market along with some pre-cooked chicken strips and dressing. In less than 2 minutes you’ll have meal that’s good for you and light on the wallet.

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