Holiday Travel Tips for Students


If the stress of fall term is starting to take its toll, here are two words for you – Thanksgiving break. Most colleges and universities across the country will close the entire week of Thanksgiving giving students the chance to take a much needed hiatus from studying, classes and exams.

This year, Thanksgiving comes late in the month so the majority of students will have November 25-29 to sleep in and relax. For many students, there is nothing better than taking that time to get as far away from school as possible. Of course, traveling during the holidays can be hectic, not to mentioned, expensive. So whether you are traveling home for your mom’s cooking or a taking off for a mini vacation, here are some good tips to follow to make it as cheap (and adventurous as possible).

Plan Ahead Most students are known more for their procrastination than advanced planning so if you plan to fly to your destination, it’s best to book in advance. If it’s too late and prices have already gone sky high for Thanksgiving break (start looking for your Christmas travel now) and try the following tips when searching for flights.

Try flying on the holidayMost people don’t want to be traveling on the holiday so prices could be lower traveling on Thanksgiving Day.

Be flexible – Maybe you can find a cheaper flight that is a redeye or has a longer layover (that’s where the adventure comes in).

Price compareThere are a number of travel search engines out there. Be sure to try Kayak, Orbitz and Hipmunk for prices. If you don’t see the deals you want, try looking directly through airline carriers. You can also do one better by scanning various airlines’ Twitter feeds. Often times airlines will broadcast special deals here.

Check Surrounding Airports – Look at the prices of flights flying out of nearby airports. The cost of driving a little ways out and parking could be made up on a cheaper air ticket.

Alternate Modes of Transport – If you just can’t find a good deal by air, think about taking alternative modes of transportation like Amtrak, Greyhound or find fellow students to carpool with to share costs.

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