Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes for Students


Halloween is exactly nine days away, but chances are, since the holiday falls on a Thursday, you’ve likely gotten invitations to Halloween parties as early as this Friday. That leaves just three days to figure out your perfect (read: easy and cheap) Halloween costume.

We’ve got some great suggestions for simple Halloween costumes that you can put together in between studying for that calculus test and going to the football game, all without breaking the bank.

Got Style? How about Gangnam Style? – For a simple costume that’s likely to get you a lot of attention, channel your inner Korean rapper and become PSY for a night. All you need to complete this costume is a black suit, sunglasses and some hair product. Be sure to pre-load the Gangnam Style song on your phone to play and don’t forget to practice your dance moves!

Go Greek – You don’t have to be a member of a sorority or fraternity to go Greek, all you need is a piece of bedding. Grab a white sheet from your local thrift store (or your closet), weave some leaves together create a headpiece and your done.

The Graduate – You might still be a few years from earning your diploma, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pose as a new grad for Halloween. Ask friends who’ve recently graduated if they can spare their cap, gown and graduation sash or check out a thrift store. If you have a few extra days to plan, you can even create your own custom graduation stole to wear.

Social Network – For the student who has absolutely no time to throw together a costume, just grab a dark-colored, zip hoodie and say you’re Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. If you have a couple minutes, print out the Facebook logo and pin it to the hoodie. Who wouldn’t like your new status?

Got easy Halloween costume ideas perfect for students? Share them with us!

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