Adulting 101: Finding a Mentor

Finding a mentor sounds super important and official, so let’s make it a little bit more casual. Finding a Mentor doesn’t mean that it has to be a professor or some super successful business person, but that would be pretty cool.

Anyone can be your mentor so long as it is someone that you look up to and they can offer you a lot of important insight and advice in terms of your life goals. So again, don’t ask a professor to be your mentor if you have no intention of teaching because it doesn’t make any sense and you’re just wasting your own time.


The most important thing to remember when deciding on this is to really take a good hard look at who you want to look up to for advice and think if that person is a really good fit. Just because he/she is your friend, it doesn’t mean that they automatically get to be that person for you.

I was once told, “Don’t take advice from a loser no matter how much you respect them.”

It’s the truest statement that needs to be said.

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Your friend may have a lot of advice and thoughts on how you’re living your life, but take a good look at theirs. Does it match what you want to accomplish? Are they successful in living out their dreams whether it be earning a lot of money or starting their own non profit organization?


There’s a fine line between business and personal and sooner or later, you’re going to learn this lesson the hard way that doing business with friends isn’t always the way to go.