Adulting 101: What exactly is a Cover Letter

When I got around to the time in life where I had to actually start applying for things that didn’t involve just an application, I didn’t know what a Cover Letter was.

I know that there’s another Cover Letter blog post, but this is for people who need it be broken down even more.

If you don’t know what it is, don’t be embarrassed. I’m sure there are tons of people who don’t have one because not every employer asks for it, but if you’re wondering why it even exists if it’s not mandatory, have no fear.  It’s the reason why I’m writing this.



A Cover Letter is simply a letter of intent to your prospective employer informing them of why you’re a candidate and why they should be taking an interest in you.

This isn’t a basic summary of your resume and your work experience, this is the time for them to get a taste of the person you are! Tell them about how you love animals and why you volunteer your time to local animal shelters! Tell them about how much you love being in your fraternity because it helped you to become a real team player.


If you’ve been molding your entire life to work in a certain field, but now you don’t want to do that anymore, this is your chance to tell your prospective employer why you had a change of heart! Tell them that you were incredibly unhappy working in that field for whatever reasons and that you want to work in this field because of A, B, and C and it now fulfills a purpose in your life.


A Cover Letter is very important because it doesn’t just throw you into a heap of 100 other resumes that have been submitted; they want to know a little bit more about you and why you want to work for them so let your personality shine and show them what you have to offer!!

And lastly, GO GET ‘EM!

If you have any helpful tip in writing a successful Cover Letter, please share them with your peers below!