Fraternity & Sorority Collaboration

Working with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters is always a tricky situation. On the one hand, a project can be delegated evenly across the entire chapter, but on the other side is to have one just one person lead. Personally, I believe by having just one person lead a project, a project is more likely to be completed and more likely on time.

The first reason as to why you’d want only one person to lead is to reduce assumptions. With everyone has control, often times nobody has control. If you’re hosting a fundraiser or a huge community service event, having just 1 point of contact ensures that there’s a “mastermind” that can take care of and delete the tasks needed>

Another reason for this is because when everyone leads, often times this leads to inaction. Everyone will have different opinions and decisions about what they’d like to do. This opens up the potential to many more heated and challenging discussions that might stall or delay a project. Giving a person the central authority to make the “final call” can prevent these situations. This is also very true in the event that your chapter has an even number of members and voting brings a decision to a split tie.
And lastly, and perhaps the best reason, it gives people leadership opportunities. By assigning a role to just one member, that member will likely have to rise or fall to the situation and learn more more than if they were just doing little bits of the project.

In conclusion, when working on project based initiatives for your chapter, truly consider mixing around the role and getting different people involved with different initiatives. Don’t always default to the all-star brother or sister, but give everyone their opportunity to shine.

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