What’s The Best City To Move To After Graduating College?

What is the best city to move to after college? The answer varies. There’a a lot of formal studies out there that analyze school systems, crime rates, polution, unemployment, and many more metrics. Ultimately you can read and review all of these ratings day in and day out, but the final determining factors do need to align with your life goals.

First, is a star school system that important to you if you are only planning on being there for a few years? Let’s take New York for example. A lot of people move to the Big Apple after college to make it big. Unless you’re attending grad school or moving with your family, or this is a move for the long run, this factor will likely be less important to you than the amount of jobs available in your industry in that specific region.

Second, it’s important to know the affordability of a city. Will the city be affordable for you to live comfortably. How long will your daily commute be? Does the city have recreational activities you can partake in when you’re not working?

And lastly, the friends and family. Will you know anyone in that city, or will you be starting fresh? Some people don’t adjust well to new surroundings, while others love the challege. Find that happy medium that would make you content!

In conclusion, the decision to move to a new city can be a tricky one. Don’t fall for an online rankings factor but really trust your heart and align your move with your goals.

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