What Is Failure

The issue in today’s blog post is about failure. What is failure? Why is it viewed so badly? And how are people perceived when they fail?

In a blog post from the PickTheBrain.com blog (full post here), the issue addressed is the upside of failure. As the corporate world changes, more companies are embracing this “F” word as an indicator of success. When employees try untried things and go above and beyond, but fail, these companies tend to grow and learn from their mistakes, thus thriving further in the long run.
To illustrate this point, a similar thing applies in academia and with research. Often times researchers try again and again to master a formula or disprove a proof yet continue to fail. But through these failures they’re able to learn and grow, which leads them to the correct answers down the line.
And as the adage goes, Adage goes “if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.” But that said, good luck on your finals! And again, congratulations on graduating to all of the 2011 seniors!

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