The College Effort, Students & Darfur

The conflict in Darfur has been going on since 2003. Without question it has provoked countless rights protests, fundraisers, and much more activism among students across the nation.

There are students in Detroit running for the cause, students at USC who created a film about the cause, and not to mention over 3,000 Darfur videos on YouTube that shed light about the issue.
But what does this really all mean, and did the creator of the For Every 1,000 that join this group I will donate $1 to Darfur really pay up?

It’s hard to know and nearly impossible to quantify everyone’s efforts because they are so scattered and massive. Our challenge to seniors is if you haven’t already aligned with a worthy cause, now’s the time! Don’t just join the facebook group and pretend, really get involved somehow and make a difference before you graduate.

A satirical look on how we can raise awareness of the issue at Darfur, courtesy of the Onion.

And here’s a PSA from one of my favorite actors Don Cheadle

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