The New Craze Around Campus: Cowbell Hero

Students playing video games

Video games and college life never really mixed well. It was a cool thing to do in high school and afterschool with your buddies, but if you still played a lot of video games in college, people often classified you as a nerd or socially inept. Playing Counter-Strike, WOW & DDR were not necessarily the coolest ways to spend your Friday evenings, but who is really to judge if playing these or partying is better?

So much has changed in the last few years and most importantly is the appeal of video games to students. With the invention of the Gamecube, the Wii, and most importantly Guitar Hero, it seems games have become more and more acceptable for people of all ages. Four years ago on a typical Friday night you’d expect to see girls partying, but nowadays it is nothing less than common to see a group of attractive girls rocking out on Guitar Hero Expert Mode and totally beating the male challenger standing besides them.

Guitar Hero has hit college campuses nationwide and gives almost any college student who has had any aspirations of becoming a rock star the ability to live up to his dream!

Now one problem with Guitar Hero and college? It’s a difficult game to play after you’ve drank a few beers.

Now the game makers have noted this and check out the newest release, Cowbell Hero. A sure fire hit coming to a college campus near you!

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