Black Friday + College Students = Best Holiday Ever

Black Friday
After looking at all the holidays of the year, I figure Black Friday is the most underrated yet spectacular of holidays for any college student. Here are a few reasons why I believe so.

  1. It’s a 4-day weekend! That’s just about as long as a standard school week, and when you return you only have 1-2 weeks before a long winter break.
  2. 6. You are still full from Thanksgiving dinner and all the alcohol you drank. Even better is that you didn’t have to pay for it!
  3. Free laundry at home. Clean clothes are awesome.
  4. Your stamina, health and determination for a good deal make standing in line at Best Buy and Circuit City at 4AM possible.
  5. Free laundry at home. Yes, clean clothes deserves a 2nd shout-out.
  6. You get to bring left overs back to school with you!
  7. Chillin’ with the family.

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