Staying Positive Before Graduation

Staying positive can be a challenge, especially in senior year right before graduation. For many, positivity may be elusive because your “real world” plans haven’t been finalized yet. Where will you work? Have you interviewed? Did the job offer come yet? Where will you live? Will you move back home?

These questions and concerns can easily overcome our days and stress you to a point where we become paralyzed from the countless decisions to be made. But what’s one to do? When real world situations, family issues, or relationship issues all seem to collide at the most inconvenient time, or sh*t hits the fan? That mixed in with the stress of upper division courses and grade/graduation requirements can make for a tough Spring quarter/semester.

Today’s post is inspired by a recent post titled “6 Simple Ways To Be A Positive Human” from

What are the tips? Our two favorites were:
Take Action, Don’t be a Talker – Taking action instead will always trump criticism. If you don’t like how something is done, go fix it or take a step to helping out. It’s not too late to help out your fraternity, sorority, or student organization. Don’t just sit on the sidelines and be a critic, but get in the trenches and help out.

Choosing the Right Friends – Choosing the right friends can go such a long way. Surround yourself around go getters and people who are motivated in life. They’ll lift you up, and you’ll lift them up. As the saying goes “The whiners, they keep on whining even in heaven.” – Don’t let these people bring you down.

Have tips to stay positive? Share them below!

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