Commuting To School, Work & More – Tips To Saving Money

Let’s face it. Commuting can be both a time suck and get extremely expensive for you. Whether it’s driving to and from class, or driving to work, or social events, gas + car maintenence + insurance adds up, and it’s added up all the way up to graduation day and will continue to after.

So what are real ways to save?
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2 of our favorite tips?
1) Change your work hours
– While this may be difficult for the just recent college grad to ask for a flexible schedule or work at home accommodations, it’s not to say you can add things to the beginning or end of your work day. Consider avoiding rush hour by hitting the gym early, or hitting the gym later . Grab groceries nearby to pass the rush hour instead of driving then grabbing them. Plan ahead, and you can often shave off a lot of minutes from your commute.

2. Partner up
Heading to the local coffee shop to study? Partner up with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend. Not only will this be more fun but you guys can switch off on driving each time.

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