Learning to Speak A New Language

Learning how to speak a new language becomes increasingly difficult as you grow older. Not only is free time harder to find as you juggle school, work or family life, but mentally the ease of which you tend to pick up new languages naturally slows down.

Today’s post features tips from a recent lifehacker.com article.

Most noteably, stage 3 seems the most fun.

“Stage 3: Listening, writing and reading work
You should read and watch anything that’s enjoyable to you—it’s more about quantity than anything; I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series in translation, and dubbed versions of the TV series 24 are insanely addictive and not that difficult to follow after the first few hours—you can literally spend all day in front of the TV, and it’s actually productive! ”

Now does this mean watching Hunger Games in French counts?

Eitherway, if you’re considering picking up a new language either for personal enjoyment or as a skill to add to your resume. Check out the full post and more info here:

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