Saving money on carry-on luggage fees

With the end of the school year just around the corner, it’s like you’ve booked a flight home or possibly a summer vacation. Last week, another one of the last low-cost airlines decided to change how they charge for carry-on luggage. Now they’ll charge for use of the overhead bin.

So how does that work then? Yep, unless your luggage fits in front of your feet it’s likely you’ll have to pay for it. Hopefully other airlines won’t follow suit too soon.

So what tips are there for students to save money when flying? WiseBread has a great article on it. The tip we like the most is “Hold It! Don’t Fold It”

The article states “Stacked clothes always leave peaks and valleys in a bag, and those areas waste valuable space. Rolled clothes wrinkle less, compress better, distribute volume more evenly, and ultimately use space more efficiently.”

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