Is Business School Worth it for Entrepreneurs?

Today’s blog post highlights grad school (specific business school) and if it’s worth it for entrepreneurs. One of our favorite web sites, takes a look into the pros and cons and more importantly provides some recommendations for those interested in an MBA after graduation.

One of the most interesting tips was
“Base all your electives and classes around a startup idea or thesis. Every course or elective you take should help you launch a company.” – I couldn’t agree with this more. Even in undergrad, when you were able to apply your learnings to student organizations, your job, or a start-up, it made the course that much more rewarding. ¬†And in the fraternity and sorority setting, when you were given the opportunities to do things that excited you, didn’t that real world experience translate even more to your positive memories?

Go check out the full post here and let us know what you think:

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