Entrepreneur Series: Roland Ros

A large part of the entrepreneurial journey goes beyond building your own business and your own success – it’s also about helping others build theirs.  Check out our spotlight on Roland Ros and how he keeps his mental game strong so that he can help communities around the world.


Roland brings over 10 years of experience in AdTech and Growth Acquisition. Throughout the years, he has fostered deep relationships with those around him, allowing him to help successfully establish and grow business, deliver on key metrics and goals, and most importantly, build and give back to communities globally.

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How did you know you wanted to do your own thing?

Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve always chased freedom over money, and social impact over my own needs.  I had a social justice and community service background in college, and am very passionate about helping others. When it came to business, especially with sales and business development, I was a natural because I absolutely love building deep and authentic relationships with people.  And I learned early on, the biggest and most important business deals happen with those that you trust.

What was the hardest thing you faced to get up and running?

Finding the right team and building a product that had the right market fit.  

What has been critical to your success and ability to keep going thus far?

Never give up on that vision in your mind and heart.  A vision and dream so big, you’re willing to die for it.  For me it was the freedom to chase an adventure without having to answer to anyone.  I have a vision board of physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, relational, and financial goals that I wake up to every day.  I also have a life plan that I read to myself almost every day, with my short, mid, and long term goals. I review and rewrite this life plan every year.  When you combine all of this with the sobering reality that you’re going to die soon; there is an urgency to move fast, while at the same time, smiling and enjoying the sacredness of the moment right now.

What has been most surprising about the process?

How comfortable I would be at messing up, fucking up, failing, being stupid, dumb, immature, absentminded, selfish, shady, and all that.  Dealing with the consequences of those failures and learning that the only L’s in life are lessons.  That as long as I learn, stay humble, and focus on compassion and love as a powerful technology to overcome my limitations, I have the enjoyment and opportunity to master myself.  To be comfortable in my own skin, and just conquer those demons from within and thrive.

What’s been the best thing about it?

Being able to have a positive impact on the lives of those you love and being able to recognize a purpose and meaning to life that is both challenging and fun.

What advice do you have to someone who is thinking about starting their own thing or struggling to continue?

Prepare for the worst. And when you get there – congratulations.  No matter what happens, as long as you don’t give up, you will come away stronger and ready for whatever challenges that lay ahead.  If you’re thinking about starting something and fail, guess what, take that lesson, try again, rinse and repeat until you succeed.  If you’re struggling to continue and want to give up. I feel you. It fucking sucks. So no matter where you’re at, whether you quit, want to recharge your batteries, take a break, or stay the course…EVERYTHING you do from that point moving forward, as long as you never lose sight of that dream tattooed in your heart, is one step closer to the promised land.

Any regrets, wishes, redos?

Too hard to tell.  Everyone gets dealt different cards in life.  Some have advantages financially, physically, etc.  Some have disadvantages over the same exact thing. You might be born in a completely different area, or completely different context.  Each of these “factors” are cards. And just like poker, we’re all dealt a specific hand, with absolutely no control what cards are dealt to us.  The only thing we have control in life, is to maximize the cards we were dealt with.

What’s next for you?

I’m going to risk everything to help the Filipino global community.


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