Frozen Foods & Eating Healthy

For those who have read our blog for a while, you know that we often like to cover college hacks and kitchen hacks to help you save time and eat healthier and smarter.

Today’s post features a recent article on LifeHacker about frozen food and the concept of “reinventing it”

What exactly does that mean? Well from a financial perspective, going with frozen food isn’t always the most cost effective. Some meals can cost you $5 or more, and in terms of contents, not provide much nutritional value either.

Take for example the frozen pizza, as lifehacker says
“One of the biggest wastes of money is frozen pizza. It seems cheap because delivery pizza costs about twice as much, but if you’re only feeding yourself you don’t need an entire pizza in one sitting.”


So, what are the tips? For me personally when I’m buying frozen food, I’m looking for options where I can add fresh ingredients. Take for example Lean Cuisine meals. Adding in some fresh tomatos to the pasta or rice dishes goes a long way to keeping me more full and healthier.

Don’t have time to keep fresh produce in your refridgerator? Go for the frozen vegetables route. Often you can find vegetable medleys in the supermarket and picking up a bag or two of these could last you for week.s

Now if you’re a big fan of rice dishes, one of the recommendations is to grab a slow cooker. This will help you slow cook foods overnight and then wallah! Have food ready for the following day.

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