The Little Things In Life

May 7, 2012

Today’s post was inspired by a recent post on that covered fun things you could do with $50.

One of the recommendations we liked the best was #12:

“Make Goodies Boxes for Your Neighbors – Buy all the ingredients you need to make several batches of cookies or muffins, plus boxes, bags, baskets, and ribbons to make a nice presentation to give to your neighbors.”

Bringing this back to college students, this could easily be applied to graduating seniors and a great idea for graduting fraternity brothers or sorority sisters.

Fun Ideas for Fraternity Gifts
Graduation Stoles
Beef Jerky
Photo / Photo Album from Greek days

Fun Ideas for Sorority Gifts
Business Card Holders
Graduation Sashes
Perfume / Lotions
Photo / Photo Album from Greek days

Also, check out this great TedTalk on how to buy happiness.

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