5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Valuables Over Winter Break

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With the majority of college students around the nation cramming for finals, most of their minds are focused on acing exams, finishing those term papers, and the first thing they’ll do once they arrive home. Very few students think about their (material) valuables and the potential risks of thieves breaking into their dorm, apartment, fraternity or sorority house over winter break.

While some of these tips may seem logical, many students just forget or simply do not take the simple precautions to protect their belongings.

So before you head home for winter break, do yourself a favor and print out this list and check it off!

5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Valuables Over Winter Break

5. Close Your Windows and Blinds!
Don’t leave your valuables in plain sight! If you can see it from the outside, so can thieves. At least cover it up, close some curtains, close the blinds, or throw it in your closet or under your bed.

4. Talk With Your Roommates, Fraternity Brothers, or Sorority Sisters.

Confirm with your roommates and whoever is going to leave last to double check all the windows and doors and to make sure they are all locked. Add in extra security to your windows. A very simple and cheap solution is to add a strong piece of wood or PVC pipe that blocks your window from being opened. This is a little trickier if you live in fraternity or sorority house. If that’s the case, you may want to talk with the house manager to make sure he or she sends a memo out to everyone living in the house. Just one unlocked window could be a disaster for the entire house and thousands of dollars of theft.

3. Bring It Inside

If you leave your bike, valuable lawn furniture, or any other valuables outside, bring it inside! Use your U-Lock to lock your bike to your closet or anything large. Block a window or extra door with your bike (just don’t make it a fire hazard!).

2. Call The Cops

At UC Santa Barbara, the local law enforcement had a program where students living in the local Isla Vista community could sign-up so that their apartments & houses would be patrolled by the local law enforcement at no cost. Most of the time this is a very simple step, you stop by the police office, sign a form and let them know if anyone or any car should be at your premises and who to contact in case of an emergency. See if they have something similar at your university.

And the #1 suggestion…
1. Bring It Home!
Just bring it home with you. Bring home your valuables and anything you’d really be upset about if it got stolen. You worked hard to buy your things, why not take it home with you to keep it safer, and so you can enjoy over winter break! The Nintendo Wii, Guitar Heroes, iPod, Digital Cameras, & Laptop… pack it all up and head home to the family!

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. Please spread the word to your friends!

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