Use Your IPod to Learn, Study & Get More Done In College!

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So we’re pretty sure by now that if you’re a college student you have an iPod. Chances are you’ve gone through a few, either upgraded, opted for the smaller cuter pinker one, lost one, or even had one stolen.I remember my first mp3 player, it was a Rio brand, it was good, it got stolen in 2 weeks… back on topic. 🙁

While you’re in college, unless you’re triple majoring in something, odds are you have more free time than you even know.

We could provide you with links to really good free online education courses where you could learn more but odds are only about 1 in 10 of you will actually click on the link. Maybe 3 in 10 now that we’ve mentioned to click on the link (but don’t!). But these online courses don’t serve to express the point of this post, which is to make the most of free time you already have that you are not aware of.

college student holding ipod
So grab out your iPod or any mp3 player (Rio anyone?).
Start listening to PodCasts during 2 specific times. It’s that simple. If you haven’t already, start and get into a routine to listen to podcasts during these 2 specific times:

  • 1. When you are walking to, from & between classes
  • 2. When you’re at the gym

The time you have walking to, from and between classes is impressive. Lowballing an estimate we got:
+ 5 minutes from your dorm or apartment to your class.
+ 5 minutes to get to your next class.
+ 5 minutes to get from that class back to your dorm or apartment.
= 15 minutes a day.
5 days a week… wait, yes we know some of you are very proud of your 4 day class weeks.
4 days x 15 minutes per day = 1 hour per week.

That might not sound like too much, but start adding it up & factor in more classes, walking to the library, walking to study sessions, other times you have to spare, the gym, when stuck in traffic, etc. and you have a lot of time that you can spend:

  1. Less bored and passing faster.
  2. Making yourself smarter!

Our advice would be to start with fun or informative podcasts. There are podcasts for just about any topic. If you’re worried about your English class and not graduating check out Grammar Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips to Better Writing podcast. It’s a weekly podcast, 5 minutes long and filled with great grammar tips! Or are you struggling in your Business-Economics course? Business Week has a Young Entrepreneurs podcast, check it out.

Or maybe you’re not much into learning while walking to your 8am class, there’s a bunch of fun and informative podcasts, everything from bartending (The Tiki Bar TV podcast) to Comedy hours (NPR: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me & Comedy Central: Stand Up).

And lastly, if you’re studying for Law School there’s even an LSAT Podcast to help you out. Here’s the link to the LSAT Logic In Everyday Life podcast.

How do you browse for more podcasts? Load up iTunes and click on the left under iTunes Store > Podcasts. Once you find one you like, hit subscribe!

Here are our staff favorite podcasts:

  • This American Life
  • Onion News Network
  • Grammar Girl Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing
  • IndieFeed: Indie Pop Music

Comment back! Let us know what are your top 2 favorite podcasts!

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