Enough With Tuition… How About Some Free Education

As many of our readers begin considering (or are currently considering) graduate, medical, or law school, we found an article that may be of great help to you. While it emphasizes undergraduate studies, the tips focus around the notion of self-education. These tips are extremely useful and can help you with your decision to continue or not continue with your education after your bachelor’s degree.

A part that the article is lacking in that we’d like to emphasize is the necessity of cataloging or documenting your progress. Life after graduation is extremely different for the college graduate because no longer are you constrained by class schedules, finals, and exams. But really, each day is really what you make of it. By documenting your successes and failures, we believe this can push you further to achieve your goals and to be able to visualize your next step in life.

Article: How to Educate Yourself

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