Your Post-Graduation Trip & Planning Ahead

In today’s post, we review a recent post from gigaom about how to plan a vacation. While the topic itself may be easy for many, it becomes more difficult for those of us who work in web based environments.

First, in the past years, the proliferation of the smartPhone has led to an increased expectation of people to always be connected. Clients may expect you to answer emails sooner, or your boss may start wondering if you’re working if you haven’t replied in a few hours. The issue presented is even bigger than this when it comes to work. It’s easy to procrastinate a personal email without a deadline, but obviously when work calls… it’ll be harder to take that 3 week hike in the Mountains, than otherwise.

In addition, the author brings up a good point about the “remote guilt” – a guilt felt by people who work remotely to not feel paranoid about being perceived lazy and in turn they end up working more hours to compensate. If you’re use to working remotely, this may quickly and easily transfer into your vacation traveling.

And finally, it comes down to planning early. Planning early will be the best bet. If you have a job lined up for after graduation, make sure they know you’ll be traveling before your start date. This way you don’t miss any important emails or come off as lazy or unresponsive before you even start! Planning ahead will not only help you save money, but help you have a much more enjoyable vacation in the long run!

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