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Today’s blog post comes from yet again one of our favorite blogs,
In the blog post, Trent writes about how his desires use to define how he would spend money. For him, this came in the form of DVDs, books, gadgets, and more. The blog post dives in further and really provides some thoughts into sometimes how these decisions can affect our financial happiness, while not providing much happiness at all in the long run at all.

What I found most interesting about the blog post was the recommendation to really dive deep and find out what’s most important to you. Is it the iPad 2? The new purse? The new laptop? For example, when thinking back about college, my biggest personal regret was not traveling abroad. I feared taking a quarter off to study abroad would throw off my graduation schedule and I wouldn’t graduate in time. But thinking back now, clearly graduating a quarter later doesn’t have that big of an impact in the long run.

Another reason to really read this blog post through is because it really illustrates the importance of goal planning. Whether that means speaking with a financial advisor, or simply using money management tools (such as, setting some goals will help you move towards the life you seek, whether that’s one filled with travels, one in the corporate world, or one that you’re not sure of at the moment.

Therefore, it’s really on you to think about what you want post graduation. After the lovely photos with your graduation sashes and the big party, what’s that next step for you?

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