Making Each Day Your Masterpiece

Today’s post comes from In the post, Trent writes about a notion that John Wooden had come up with previously, which is to about making today your masterpiece. I myself am a big John Wooden fan. I’ve read his leadership foundations book and followed many of his videos.

The first interesting point brought up in the post is that if today was your last day, would you be happy with your actions? Would you be content with being judged by today’s actions? In the fast moving business world, it’s easy to see how a day can get away from you, but we’d imagine it’d be the same in college. A flurry of classes and finals can drain your energy and by the time you’re home you just want to relax.

Another interesting point brought up is for the desire to learn something new or practice something old. I think the key to this statement comes from the latter, which is to practice something old. Often times as children our parents spend countless hours and funds to have us pick up a new sport or learn a new instrument, but then that too often goes to waste when we rebel in high school and “grow” out of it. Picking up an old hobby can spark wonders with your creative processes.

In summary, really consider reading the full post here . It’s a great post filled with lots of good information!

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