Tips to Clean A Dorm Room or College Apartment

Let’s admit it, keeping a clean apartment or dorm room in college can sometimes be as challenging as an upper division course. Whether it’s because of your personal habits, your roommate from hell, or the guests who come over, often times common areas can become dirty and disorganized so quickly.

So how is one to combat this?  Especially with a full course load, work, and prep for graduation?  Well, there’s many ways, but today’s strategy is inspired by’s method.  The method focuses around a concept of 15-minute cleaning sessions everyday.  Squeezing those in either in the morning, in the evening, or whenver you have some down time.  In these microbursts, the goal is to focus on just 1 area of your room/apartment and in doing so you’ll get to your entire room in a week’s time.

Check out the full tip here.

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