How Do You Shop?

Did you know that up to 40 percent of food that is grown and sold in the US is wasted? Yes, that high! And what’s the major reason for that? It’s fresh produce that is spoiling.

So the question is, when you’re shopping for fruits and vegetables and eating healthier to look great in your graduation sash and gown, which ones tend to keep longer? Here are a few fruits and veggies that won’t spoil as quickly.

Carrots – Carrots tend to give off a lot of moisture, so keeping them dry will be key to preventing them from spoiling. Add a paper towel or two into the packaging and they’ll likely last a bit longer than expected.

Potatoes – Who doesn’t like mash potatoes? The ideal temperature to store them is 40 degrees Farenheit. Hide them in darkness and keep them away from other veggies and they’ll likely keep for a while.

Apples – Did you know apples placed in the refridgerator tend to keep much longer than if placed outside? Well now you know!

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