Miss America 2008, The Palazzo & Las Vegas!

Las Vegas

It seems Las Vegas is the place to be this weekend. Everyone whose everyone is there, from Jay-Z & Beyonce to Wolfgang Puck, Diana Ross & All 52 Contestants of the Miss America 2008 Pageant. We wonder if Romo and J. Simpson are there *hmm. Not to mention the Nevada Caucus is this Saturday as well.

Here’s a few reasons why this is the weekend to remember for Vegas.

1. Miss America 2008

They’re all in Vegas. What happens when you put 52 attractive females together, mix in Las Vegas and record it for all of America to watch? It’s called Miss America: Reality Check. If you didn’t already know, TLC is currently running a reality series titled Miss America: Reality Check
It seems like a fun show to watch. Attractive Females, Fashion, A Pageant and Drama!!!
Here’s a short promo clip.

There also seems to be some controversy about the show as well and a lot of extreme makeovers happening recently. This year’s Miss America Pageant is scheduled to air on January 26 at 8PM and we have no doubt it will be filled with surprises!

2. The Palazzo Opened!

The Palazzo just opened and by the looks of things, it looks great and is bound to give the other hotels on the strip a run for their money. The real question is will it pull in any of the younger crowd, or is it mainly focusing on successful middle-aged/older individuals (“ballers” if you will). It seems nowadays if you’re in college and going to Las Vegas, you’re either booking a room at Imperial Palace or have watched so many episodes of MTV Real World: Las Vegas that you know the Palms is the place to be. Rest assured though, The Palazzo does have a great deal going on at the moment where you can reserve rooms for only $199. So if you’re planning a Vegas trip after graduation, you might want to act on this deal asap.

3. Barneys New York & Jersey Boys in Las Vegas

Barneys New York is opening in Vegas. It’s a three-story fashion store located in The Shoppes at The Palazzo. And the cast of the Broadway show Jersey Boys are giving a sneak peak to their show, which is set to open in April at the Palazzo.

Enjoy your weekend, even if it’s not in Vegas!

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