Research 2.0… Citing Images On Flickr?

Woman aircraft worker - LOC
source: flickr

Earlier this week a professor banned students from using Google and Wikipedia for research. Today, The Library of Congress added 3,000 copyright-free public domain photos to Flickr. Tomorrow, we are crossing out fingers facebook profiles become universally accepted as primary sources for term papers.

Really, where did this come from?  Is someone who works at the Library of Congress (LOC) an avid Flickr user?  Don’t get us wrong, this is great news for students everywhere! Finding photographs for your term paper on the depression, World War II, and Virgin Redwood (864 years old) suddenly became oh-so-easy. But the tough part is… LOC didn’t tag all of the photos, they actually want our help.

Now this isn’t the traditional tagging that college students are use to (a la facebook… click a face in a photo, ya that’s John Summers, add!). This is real history, and if improperly tagged could find it’s way into some misinformed high school student’s term paper.

We’re really not sure what this means to college research papers, but it looks like those bibliographies and appendixes just got a little more interesting!

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