Graduation: A Time for Thanks!

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We just wanted to take this time to really thank all of our customers for making this such a successful graduation season for us! Without you, we really wouldn’t be here. We’re also really happy to announce (*knock on wood) that this season, we have had 0 missed deadlines and had 0 late deliveries with our graduation stoles.

We wish you all the best with the career paths you choose and hope you enjoy your summer!

With that said, we recently found a few interesting posts around the internet. Most specifically there was one post written specifically for graduating seniors at the GetRichSlowly Blog, “Life After School: Advice for New Graduates.” The post is filled with great tidbits of information, from financial advice to career and time management tips. Not too long of a read, and definitely worth a look.

One point that we particularly liked was:

Treat your time as an investment. It’s more important to invest your time wisely than to invest your money wisely.

Time is such an important factor in the “real world” because your life isn’t dictated by term papers and finals. It will be a big adjustment as you will see, and if you are taking on a 9-to-5 job, no doubt the amount of free time you have to hang out with friends will drop. Spend it wisely and enjoy! Need some motivation for time management? Check out the 4-Hour Workweek.

Besides that, in case you are afraid your graduation speaker will be boring, check out Graduation Wisdom for some inspirational graduation speeches and did you know Barack Obama will be giving a speech at Wesleyan?!

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