The Budget Post-Graduation – Finding Yourself – Pre-Real World Trip

Beartooth Road
photo credit: katie072
So after essentially 16 years of schooling, most college graduates breath a sigh of relief and tend to take a vacation after graduation. Some plan backpacking trips to Europe, some to the motherland, while others start the daily grind right out of school.

This year is especially different for college graduates. From the decline in the value of the dollar, to rising fuel costs, it seems vacations are tougher to plan and more expensive to go on.

The New York Times recently compiled a list of 31 Places To Go This Summer that won’t necessarily break the bank, yet will let you have some fun.

Take a look, maybe there’s a place you’ll like! One we found particularly interesting (or just sounded darn cool was was #26 Beartooth Road).

Charles Kuralt once called it America’s most beautiful highway, 68.7 miles of high-altitude, high-adrenaline road that zigzags through the Beartooth Mountains in Montana and Wyoming.

Wherever you go, enjoy and travel safe! (great, we sound like your parents now).

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