Adulting 101: Stop and Smell The Roses!

I know that lately we’ve been talking so much about the future, but at the same time… savor your time in college! There’s a reason why this blog is so appropriately titled “The Super Senior” and goes along the lines of “The Best Five Years Of Your Life!” College is supposed to be one of the best times of your life because you’re old enough to make adult decisions, but no one has really any expectations from you just yet!

Your whole world is going to unfold itself and college is just the beginning.  You find out what you want to learn and you look into different career options and maybe you’ll start a business with some college buddies (given that they’re the right people to start with. Remember my previous post.)  Whatever the case may be, as much as you’re trying to graduate and find the next steps in your life, this is a beautiful moment to cherish as you culminate your college career and move on to true adulthood.

There are a lot of things people wished they had known when they were in college and even if it may be the last couple months, it wouldn’t hurt to carry out the wishes of these individuals or maybe even pass down this knowledge to your younger friends.

This post was inspired by a video that Buzzfeed made and it made me realize how amazing of a time it was to be in an educational institution that was both fun and required hard work.

What do you miss from college?