Take a deep breath. It’s OK.

I know that I’ve been writing a lot of posts about finding yourself and how you’re the only person who can define success because success varies from person to person and sometimes… you don’t even know who you are.  There’s nothing wrong with this so don’t think that you’re behind or that you’re a failure because you’re about to graduate from college and you still have no idea what you want to do with your life. There’s so much pressure to find your career right out of college mainly because of college debt and paying rent and the thought of finding a career right out of college to be nearly impossible.


Your twenties tend to be a trial period for life, I kid you not.  You think that your life is supposed to be set, but it’s literally like graduating high school all over again… you get to start over, except you have a little bit more life experience and wisdom.  Let’s face it, you were only legally an adult for say 4 years… how on Earth could you possibly know exactly what you want to do?


And let’s be real here for a quick second, some people graduate thinking they know exactly what they want to do, and then 10 years later they realize they’re not happy so again, don’t compare yourself to someone else who has it all figured out.  Their minds might change later on down the road.  Explore your passions! Do you like to work out a lot and help people reach their fitness goals? Then look into that!  Do you LOVE animals and can’t help but melt every time you see a furry friend? Maybe look into getting a job at your local shelter or veterinary office!


Whatever your passions are, don’t be afraid to pursue them.  And if you are afraid to pursue them and you don’t think it’s a realistic thing to achieve, then don’t.  Get a job wherever you can find and maybe pursue them later when you have the financial cushion to go for it 100%.

I was born into a family who owned restaurants and I thought that I was going to have to take over this business and work nights and weekends for the rest of my life.  I don’t want to say that I hated it, but there were other things that I wanted to do.  I loved to write.  I wrote in a blog in my spare time and when it came to Facebook statuses or Instagram captions, I always ended up writing a paragraph.  I loved to write and when I wanted to pursue it, it didn’t happen right away.  It actually didn’t happen at all and I took it as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be.


It wasn’t until a year and a half later when an opportunity fell into my lap and I became a content writer for multiple sites for multiple subjects and styles and now I’m writing this blog to help out the new generation of college grads who don’t have it quite figured out yet.

As someone who’s in their late 20s, I’m still figuring it out… but I’m fine and I have been fine and you will be too.