College Students: Make Money During Winter Break Without Working

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Here’s a secret not many students or people in general know about
This is a 100% legal method, it’s not a scam or anything, and just about any fraternity, sorority, or student group can make money this way. Even the average senior can! And no, you won’t have to get a seasonal job at your mall. has a great Associates Program setup. Think of it as a commission that boutiques pay to their sales reps.
The commission fee starts at 4% and as you make more sales it slowly bumps up to 10%.

How does it work?
First you have to sign-up. You’d want to sign-up as an individual or business (depending on if your fraternity or sorority has a tax id #).
Once you are approved, they give you a link
ex. Here’s a link my sister has setup for her food blog:
*there are also links that go straight to amazon but have your referral code in it.
Anyone who clicks the link, or clicks straight to Amazon after and purchases something, you get credited for that purchase.
Now think of the popular items this season that your fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, or even parents might buy online for themselves or for others. Plasma TVs, GPS, Laptops, Digital Cameras. This all adds up a lot and very quickly!
Now get your entire house in on this… get them to send links to family and friends. Ask family and friends when they buy stuff to click through your link, and well your network just increase significantly

ex sale. Expensive Canon 40d dSLR camera runs for $1,400. If you referred that sale, your house gets $56 from that alone.
Now say your house is about 30 members strong. Say each person buys/refers just 1 person who buys a $300 GPS. That’s $12 per sale, $360 total. That’s just about as much as those magazine fund raisers that take all day!
And this totally works if you buy books or smaller gifts, the money still adds up!

Benefits of this:
– On going fundraiser (works in summer and winter break too)
– Make $ on purchase you already make to Amazon (and they have competitive prices!)
Hope this helps! If any houses have great success from this, I’d love to hear.

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