The Evolution of the Yearbook Photo

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school picture
1. When You Were Young.
What we were thinking: Yeah, picture!
What the teachers were thinking: It’s way too hard to get them individually… let’s just do a group picture.
What our parents were thinking: Aww, how cute!

8th grade picture
2. Middle School
What we were thinking: Alright, let’s get this done lady.
What our parents were thinking: Alright this one’s good, we don’t have to buy next years.

8th grade yearbook picture
3. 8th Grade
What we were thinking: Nice! This jacket makes me look like the Red Power Ranger.
What our parents were thinking: Aww, he’s growing up!

yearbook mom
4. High School Senior Photo
What we were thinking: This picture better come out good! 2 hours at the salon and this make-up. And these lights! It’s so hot here.
What our parents were thinking: Our little girl is leaving us for college next year. [cry]

fraternity composite
5. Fraternity Composite Style
What we were thinking: Damn, they charged a lot for this picture. Maybe I can get a copy and use it as a Christmas gift for my parents.
What our parents were thinking: Wow, what a handsome young man he has turned out to be.

6. Senior Year College
senior year photo
What we were thinking: Alright, so we can submit any photo for the year book… but it can’t have any beer or drugs. [Log-In to Facebook] Alright, this photo looks good!
What our parents were thinking: You did not tell me there was a yearbook for your college!

School pictures are probably one of the most memorable or dreaded experiences we remember as children. I remember when I was younger (I’m talking 1st or 2nd grader) I’d stand in front of my mirror the evening before the big day and practice my smile. The morning of, I’d spend an extra minute combing my hair, or was it my dad who combed my hair? Eitherway, each year my parents would order a photo package, which I dreaded because I’d always have a cheesy smile.
But now looking back, I’m really glad my parents did order those photos as they are rare momentos from my early childhood. Now with these photos I (as well as you?) we were under our parents rule. I was forced to dress up super nice and whole nine yards. One year I even sported a bowtie and denim jacket. I kid you not, I’m looking right at that picture right now. What was I thinking? I don’t know… more like what were my parents thinking.
Now to the teen and beyond years, the fun thing with high school and college photos was that you had a choice in what you wanted to wear. Freshmen, sophomore, & junior year were filled with nice polos and button ups. And when high school senior year rolled around, it was the tux top for the guys, and the drapes for the girls.
But onto college, it’s no holds for your senior graduation pictures, which is pretty awesome! At UCSB, the student newspaper ran countless ads encouraging students to come in what they wanted and just get their picture taken and at no cost. Even though it was totally free, the turnout was still low. This is a huge contrast from high school and college, where in high school we our parents would have to pay hundreds for pictures, while in college it’s totally free and not many people want it. What if colleges just pulled off of facebook your current profile picture and used that for your yearbook picture? Now that would be something!
So our advice to graduating seniors? Take advantage of the free photo op. It’s not going to come again! Well, unless if your significant other is a photographer or the company you end up working for does corporate photos for the website… but take advantage of it! You have paid so much for college and deserve this free shot to get into the yearbook. And what if you become a famous actor or actress? How else is and TMZ going to get your yearbook picture?
And without further ado, here are probably the 5 of the worst senior photos ever.

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