ABC’s Greek Returns for Season 2!

Greek Cast
Cast of Greek (photo courtesy ABC)

ABC’s Greek returns today to begin season 2. If you don’t remember this show, it brought about a lot of negative press and concerns from the Greek community last year because of it’s portrayal of us. Since then, the commotion has died down and there hasn’t been much negative press about the show.

What is the show Greek about you ask?

The show follows the story of Rusty, a college freshman attending the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University, who longs to leave behind his reputation as a high school geek by joining a fraternity, while sister Casey hopes for little interference with her enjoyment of Greek life. Most of the characters belong to either the fictional fraternities Kappa Tau Gamma (ΚΤΓ) and Omega Chi Delta (ΩΧΔ), or the fictional sorority Zeta Beta Zeta (ΖΒΖ).

So, if you have some time this evening and are interested in ABC’s portrayal of Greek life, check out Greek! The new season premieres tonight (March 24th) at 8/7c.

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