Hip-Hop Acoustic Covers & YouTube!

It seems that nowadays a lot of talented artists are recording acoustic covers of very popular hip-hop songs. Of recent, you may remember Marie Digby‘s acoustic cover of Umbrella which started on YouTube, was featured on Star 98.7, and then blew up nationwide landing her a contract with Hollywood Records.

There’s another artist you should take a look listen at, he goes by the name of Passion. He has a great acoustic cover/mix of Can’t Help But Wait (by Trey Songz) and So Sick (by Neyo).

So what are you waiting for? Record a cover and post it on YouTube before you graduate! Better yet, check out Veoh, where you can upload your videos and have it automatically syndicate it out to YouTube, Myspace & Google Video.
You might be discovered, you might not, but hey in a few years you can look back and laugh at the video (and comments) or even share them with your co-workers!

Other Notable Mentions for Acoustic Hip-Hop Cover Artists:

Alejandro Manzano & his rendition of Sweetest Girl (by Wyclef & Akon)
Milow & his cover of Ayo Technology (by 50 Cent & Justin Timberlake)
David Choi & his rendition of Apologize (by One Republic)
Mat Weddle & his cover of Hey Ya (by Outkast)
Adam Monroe & his rendition of Pardon Me (by Incubus) (not hiphop… we know, yet awesome)

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